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AEQ AudioPlus Brings Flexibility to COPE

Spanish broadcaster can program remote stations and regional groups

MADRID — COPE is a nationwide radio broadcast network in Spain featuring Cadena 100, MegaStar FM and Rock FM music programming.

Our main station is in Madrid, but we also have local studios in more than 70 cities. We have more than 250 transmitters installed, with customized regional and local content, both for stations with studios and stations without.

COPE developed its first automated control network in 1994 with AEQ for two independent programs, so when we looked for an upgrade we looked at AEQ’s AudioPlus.

The new installation has allowed more flexibility to deal with our programming needs, especially unique programming at certain stations. With the new system we can also handle a larger volume of programs and programming recipients.

With AudioPlus it is possible to create many different commands and they will automatically be made available to other AudioPlus computers connected to the network, even at remote locations.

The satellite receiver at each of the remote stations receives the command and delivers it to the local remote playout computer for completion. Commands can be sent to particular stations or user-defined groups of stations. Stations can belong to one or more groups for a flexible system.

A control server has been installed for every four stations in order to receive the commands and interface with satellite for programming downlinking and uplinking.

These servers don’t have particular requirements, so Intel i7-powered Fujitsu PCs have been installed, each with 8 GB RAM, plus an additional one for passive backup.

Each server features a warning system for issuing alerts concerning missed commands. In addition, if a local network failure makes the computer miss a command an alert will be issued.

We have completed the replacement of the old system. The most satisfactory point has been the operational flexibility provided, and the way it can be adapted to continuously changing scenarios.

For information, contact Peter Howarth in Florida at (954) 581-7999 or visit