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Aldena Brings New Antennas to NAB

New radio and TV models along with antenna/RF software

Aldena of Italy is bringing two new antennas to the NAB Show along with an upgraded version of the EMLAB antenna system/RF propagation software package.

For NAB Show attendees the ATS0807920 and AQP0404410 are new antennas.

The ATS0807920 is an omnidirectional “turnstyle” type quad dipole for UHF band IV/V DVB-T/H duties. The AQP0404410 is a directional dipole panel antenna for VHF band III radio (DAB) and TV broadcast. They are stackable for medium and high power operations.

The EMLAB antenna design/RF propagation software package sees an arrival of version 2. Version 2 is multiprocessor and 64-bit compatible.

NAB Booth: C3132