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Arrakis to Ride the New~Wave at NAB

Sneak Peek: Automation software is designed for contemporary channels

Arrakis Systems will be showing a new automation system to the NAB Show audience next month.

New~Wave is a Windows 7-based automation designed to handle the rapidly evolving automation environment.

According to Arrakis, “It is designed specifically for playing audio files from hard disk, Internet streams, FTP-stored audio files, MP3 players, smartphones, text-to-speech and much more.” It is aimed at broadcast or Internet duties.

Additionally it can multitask and “play live broadcasts, automated broadcasts, podcasts and stream for Internet radio … all at the same time.” New~Wave is considered fault-tolerant and should not allow dead air. It has voice-tracking, satellite automation, on-air, simulcast, remote control, RDS, numerous Web-friendly applications and multiple scheduling module features. It can handle WAV, MPEG 2 and MP3 files.

Arrakis feels the New~Wave system is easy to use and simple to learn. It is compatible with the company’s ARC series consoles.

NAB Show Booth: C2310