ARX Does the Splits

It offers large-scale mic splitting
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There was once a time when a piece of equipment like a 16-channel mic splitter would be dismissed by radio personnel as something for the live sound, installation or TV guys. And no doubt many still think that way.

However, in the day when radio stations have to think about video, Web presence, social media and where to get additional value-added content to populate the Web page, maybe a mic splitter to handle in-studio or remote live productions might not be so farfetched.

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If you are of that mind, Australia’s ARX, handled in the U.S. by Olsen Audio Group, has a new 16-channel mic splitter available. The rackmounted MSX 48 is straightforward, it’s a mic splitter after all. Each of the 16 channels has a three-way split available to it.

It’s passive and utilizes transformer isolation throughout to keep those pesky buzzes at bay. The MSX 48 also offers 25-pin D-sub outs using TASCAM’s multichannel wiring scheme. The steel chassis, designed for rock roadies, should stand up to whatever radio can throw at it. Price: $2,095.


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AirTools 6200 Has Split Personality

The AirTools 6200 is a single rack space dual digital voice processor. Considering the popularity of the venerable Symetrix 528E and 422, and evolution into DSP technology inherent in the Symetrix 628, I suspect Symetrix thought hard about where to take its next generation of microphone processor. With a portfolio of great-sounding and affordable equipment, perhaps making one that is even more flexible was the next big step. The AirTools 6200 by Symetrix is designed to meet a myriad of needs.