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Auralex Launches Waves, Grids and ProMAXes

Acoustic treatment product maker has been busy

Auralex ProMAX

Auralex Acoustics has released several new acoustic treatment products, all of which could be of interest to the radio broadcast industry.

Associated with the MAX-Wall line, ProMAX isn’t so much intended to be installed on a wall as mounted on a mic/speaker stand to maximize portability. With a sound absorber on a stick, the foam can be moved around and used where it is needed. Multiple mounted panels could be used for an impromptu recording booth or to isolate a broadcaster at a busy remote.

ProMAX panels are made from Auralex’s StudioFoam. The panels are 3 inches thick and 2 x 4 feet.

Studiofoam Wave panels are available in 2-foot x 2-foot squares, 1–3 inches thick, depending on the “wave.”

SonoFlat Grid is a new offering in the SonoFlat line. The SonoFlat Grid measures 2 feet x 2 feet x 2 inches thick. Nine 8-inch x 8-inch provide the raised bevel grid pattern. Both Wave and Grid can be mounted traditionally on the wall using pins, tacks, nails, fasteners or adhesives such as Auralex Foamtak or Tubetake.

All three products are melamine-free foam and available in one color, charcoal.

Left: Auralex Studiofoam Wave, Right: Auralex SonoFlat Grid