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Award Winner: Vorsis AirAura Digital Audio Spectral Processor

Final clipper produces cleaner, clearer, more natural mid and high end detail ‘without smearing, dulling and other artifacts’

Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

Expanding its presence in the audio processing market, Wheatstone’s sister brand Vorsis rolled out the AirAura audio processor at the NAB Show. The box caught many an eye from the aisles with its unique displays.

The unit features new proprietary final clipper technology that Vorsis says produces cleaner, clearer, more natural mid and high end detail without smearing, dulling and other artifacts you might associate with managing the FM pre-emphasis curve.

The multiband AGC/SST (Sweet Spot Technology) promises smooth and unobtrusive gain and spectral control during widely varying incoming program levels. The AGC has separately adjustable low and high inter-band coupling algorithms to allow “serious sonic sculpting.”

AirAura incorporates Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) with new Texture control for fine-tuning on-air low-frequency content. Dual front-panel widescreen displays show real-time detail about the processor’s operation. In addition to front-panel control, the AirAura can be operated remotely via wired Ethernet or integrated WiFi connectivity.

Price: $13,995
Shipping: June 1
Info: (252) 638-7000 or