Award-Winner: Shively Labs 6020 Broadband Dipole

Suited for standby or emergency situations and is rated at 5 kW per dipole with a 7/8-inch EIA connector
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Photo by Jim Peck
Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

What’s exciting about a simple antenna like this?

How about value? Our “Cool Stuff” judges have shown year in and year out that they appreciate not only high-end razzmatazz but good, solid, economical products designed for the real world of radio engineering. There are several such winners in this year’s class.

The Shively Labs 6020 broadband dipole is designed to be deployed rapidly, by itself or in branch-fed arrays; it is suited for standby or emergency situations and is rated at 5 kW per dipole with a 7/8-inch EIA connector. A single 6020 offers an input VSWR, out of the box, under 1.25:1 at the band edges, and much less within the mid-band frequencies. It can be operated either pressurized, or non-pressurized by the incorporation of a unique venting plug.

Both the dipole and the 6018 panel (which uses two 6020-style dipoles) are designed to be “flat-packed” for ease of shipment, offering broadcasters anywhere an efficient, versatile antenna system at low cost that can be deployed rapidly.

Sensible, no-nonsense, affordable. Those attributes are always cool.

Shown in the Shively booth are Edd Forke, Angela Gillespie and Bob Surette.

Price: $750, quantity discounts available
Shipping: Now
Info: (888) 744-8359 or


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