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AAT/Shively Names Ladner Director of Sales

Shively manufacturing has completed its move to California

Dale Ladner standing in front of a window overlooking foliage
Dale Ladner

From our People News page: Dale Ladner is now the director of sales for American Amplifier Technologies / Shively Labs. He came to AAT when it recently acquired Shively from Howell Laboratories.

“Dale is responsible for all domestic and international sales, leading our sales team and assisting with operations,” said AAT President/CEO Steve Wilde.

“Dale has over 30 years of experience in the broadcast industry, specializing in numerous transmission system products.”

Wilde cited Ladner’s knowledge, expertise and long history with the antenna company.

Ladner’s first stint with Shively and Howell Labs was from 1987 to 1998 as production control and FM sales manager, according to his LinkedIn profile. He subsequently worked for Passive Power Products and Dielectric Communications before returning to Shively in 2009. For most of the past 14 years he has held the role of marketing and regional sales manager.

Ladner posted on LinkedIn that following the acquisition by AAT in April, “By early June we had finished the backlog at Shively in Bridgton [Maine] and moved all materials, tooling, IP, scale towers, HFSS, files etc. to the Sacramento area to continue the nearly 60-year tradition of the Shively Labs products and technology.”

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