Award-Winner: Tieline Report-IT Live App for iPhone

Turns your iPhone into an IP codec to feed your Tieline in the studio
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Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

The Report-IT Live app, downloaded from the iTunes App Store, turns your iPhone into an IP audio codec for transmitting high-fidelity, low-delay audio over 3G cellular broadband or WiFi, to a Tieline IP codec in the studio.

You can record your broadcast on the phone while broadcasting live; record an interview or report offline and then go live later; edit reports and create playlists; and report live and play “grabs” from a recorded interview while you’re on the air.

Audio files can be forwarded in real time to a Tieline codec in the studio for recording, or uploaded via FTP to a news server, with no codec in the studio.

The app launches fast and connects with one button; it supports live, bidirectional 15 kHz audio with low delay, so the studio can send program mix-minus and communicate with the reporter while they are broadcasting.

Report-IT Live can be purchased direct from the iTunes App Store. Report-It Enterprise for network wide installations coming soon.

Shown from left: Kevin Webb, Neil Morrish, Charlie Gawley, Mary Ann Seidler, Rodney Henderson and Darren Levy.

Price: $29.99 demo; $249.99 full app
Shipping: Now
Info: Kevin Webb, (317) 845-8000,,