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Axia Shows Compact AoIP Console, xNodes

The RAQ is for news production, ENG, OB

The new RAQ from Axia is a rackmount six-channel IP mixer suitable for newscasts or news assembly, or for any application requiring a rack- or turret-mounted mixer.

The operator can pair RAQ with the fanless Axia QOR.16 console engine — using a single cable — for standalone operation or can connect to Axia Livewire networks to share audio with other studios. QOR.16 is an “integrated console engine” that contains analog, AES/EBU and Livewire I/O, GPIO logic ports, console power supply and CPU and a “zero-configuration” network switch.

It is possible to use one QOR.16 engine with two Axia RAQ consoles (or with Axia’s new DESQ desktop mixer), creating what the company calls a cost-effective solution for multi-console installations.

The company also has a new line of nodes, the xNode line. Nodes bring analog or digital audio into Livewire IP audio networks.

The xNode line offers five models, designed for a variety of applications. The Analog xNode is an eight-channel mono or four-channel stereo balanced line level to digital converter. The AES/EBU xNode converts AES/EBU audio into 48 kHz for Livewire use.

The Microphone xNode operates much like a traditional preamp (with 48 V phantom power) by converting analog audio into digital audio for Livewire use. The Microphone xNode has outputs for headphones and studio monitors.

The GPIO xNode is has six general-purpose logic ports for peripheral control. Each port has five opto-isolated inputs and five outputs. The Mixed-Signal xNode is designed to handle multiple audio types in one box: a mic/line XLR input; two analog line inputs; three analog line outputs; one AES/EBU digital input and one AES/EBU digital output and two GPIO ports.

Pricing: Analog, AES/EBU and Microphone xNodes — $1,495; Mixed-Signal xNode — $1,595 and the GPIO xNodes — $1,295.

NAB Show Booth: C3113