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Balsys Seeks Global Dominance

Goze inta, goze outta.

(click thumbnail)The Global Distribution Portal from Balsys should be a useful tool in many a network.

Using a mix and match system of connectors, the GDP sums them to mono and offers three mic-level outputs. All outputs offer ground lift.

Connector types include USB, FireWire, RJ-45, XLR, RCA. Analog and digital (AES or S/PDIF) audio are supported.

Balsys CEO Larry Lamoray said: “The Global Distribution Portal is ideal for providing a universal broadcast studio audio interface to the outside world without requiring intrusion into the studio, as well as for many remote and mobile applications. The fact that it supports all the audio connectors commonly used simplifies third-party interface without having to search for special cables.”

Specs and a schematic are online (PDF).