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Best of Show: Axel Technology Wolf 2MS

Wolf 2MS listens provides measurement and analysis

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Instead of howling, the Wolf 2MS listens. The rack-mounted box contains a dual-tuner FM monitoring system. It provides measurement and analysis of frequencies, FM reception, MPX audio encoding and RDS data streaming along with acting as a silence detector. The tuners can operate independently.

Up to 64 frequencies to be watched can be programmed. It can store data for later analysis with a PC and will issue alarms for select FM performance violations. It will even issue 24-hour logs.

Courtesy of an onboard Icecast server, the Wolf 2MS can also monitor Interest streams. Wolf can be operated from the front panel or by PC, tablet or smartphone via the Web.

Shown from left to right in the photograph are: Paul McLane, Giuseppe Vaccari, Christian Sighinolfi, Enrico Vaccari and Veronica Sanzaro.


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