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Burk Adds New Climate Guard

Value version of environmental monitoring system now available

The Climate Guard LT is the newest environmental monitoring system from Burk Systems. It is a value-oriented version of the Burk Climate Guard. The LT can handle up to 32 sensors, compared with 64 for the Climate Guard. The Climate Guard LT is designed as a server room environmental monitor to detect temperatures, some security and other room conditions.

Burk Systems VP Jonathan Burk said: “IT departments of all sizes are increasingly looking for budget-friendly solutions that won’t sacrifice uptime and reliability. Climate Guard LT facilitates cost saving and green IT initiatives by closely monitoring server room conditions and alerting IT staff to developing problems.”

The Climate Guard LT shares most of the other features with its bigger brother. A built-in Web interface allows for remote operation via computer, smartphone or tablet. It can issue alerts via email, SMS and SNMP. Price: $495.