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Burk Helps Full Power in New England

ARC Plus system gathers and delivers important data through smartphone interface

LEDYARD, CONN. — I’m the vice president of programming and engineering for Full Power Radio, with responsibility for the company’s 16 radio stations located throughout New England.

Under my guidance, the stations have gone through a steady process of technical upgrades including deployment of Burk Technology ARC Plus Touch remote control systems at all 16 of our transmitter sites.

Using a combination of wired telemetry and IP-based SNMP interfaces, I’ve connected my ARC Plus systems to virtually all the functional systems at each site. Control extends well beyond the transmitters to include STLs, tower lights, door alarms, room temperature, smoke detectors and dead air alarms. Using Burk’s Autoload Plus software, I’m able to have the transmitter locations talk to each other, no matter how far away they are from each other. This is essential for auxiliary and backup sites.

The Burk mobile monitoring and control capabilities are absolutely essential to keeping on top of the operation of my transmitter facilities. For example, I receive text messages on critical alarms such as transmitter failure, and I am able to monitor the switchover to the backup transmitter and manually intervene if necessary directly and easily from my smartphone.

I can also receive a notification of when tower lights illuminate each night, giving me peace of mind that they are functioning as required. I’ve used the interface on both Android and iPhone, and it works great on both. By far, the Burk ARC Plus is the most intelligent remote control available, and I would recommend it to my peers.

For information, contact Matt Leland at Burk Technology in Massachusetts at (978) 486-0086 x700 or visit