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BDI RF Power Monitors at Work

DPS-100D series is suitable for monitoring one transmitter or a combined system

The Dec. 22 issue of Radio World features our Buyer’s Guide for antennas, RF support and power products. Buyer’s Guide features application stories like this one.

Here’s an example of how Broadcast Devices DPS-100D series RF power monitors are being used in an FM combiner installation.

“Pictured are two DPS-100D-3-1/8 RF power monitors at the input to a two-station FM combiner for WEZN and WEBE in Connecticut,” the company wrote.

“Both meters can report forward and reflected power, temperature and line pressure and also provide positive interlock control to either transmitter. Each transmission line and combiner module is protected against VSWR fault at the combiner input. This was an important feature for customer consideration.”

Cat-5 cables attached provide user monitor/remote control and provides electrical power via passive POE. A third meter not shown monitors the output of the combiner, and all three meters can be connected to an SWP-206D Supervisory chassis for complete monitor and control of the entire system.

BDI said all of its products support SNMP for integration to third-party remote controls and software. DPS-100D series power monitors are available in all EIA line sizes plus others like N, DIN and the popular 4-1/16-inch line size.

The DPS-100D series meter is suitable for monitoring one transmitter or a combined system, particularly for multi-station and digital radio transmission.

The photo was provided by BDI installer Xenirad Broadcast Engineering.

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