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“Cool Stuff���: Elenos Indium Series FM Transmitters

Efficient, compact lineup expands

One in a series about the recipients of Radio World’s 2012 “Cool Stuff” Award.

The Indium Series was introduced two years ago but grew notably at NAB with the addition of versions in 2 kW and 5 kW power levels.

Elenos calls Indium the first solid-state FM transmitter to break 70 percent operating efficiency, for cooler operation and energy savings. The box uses RF planar technology for a lower parts count and greater reliability; and it employs the readily available ICE-FET component to generate RF power. The 2 kW unit retails for $11,900, the 5 kW is $25,550.

A useful choice for standby facilities and low-power stations or as a solid-state driver for higher-power tube systems. With the company taking a higher profile in the United States lately, it’s a product line worth getting to know.

Shown: Josue Rodriquez, Gianluca Busi, Alfonso Lopez, Edgar Higueros, Maurice Nifruilli, Daniele Prosperini, Mary Ann Seidler and John Bisset.