Cool Stuff: Henry Sports Pod

The company adds talkback and a nifty remote mic control feature to a popular offering
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What’s bigger in radio these days than sports?

Sports Pod is a talent mic and headphone “mini console,” suitable for covering games but also useful in the studio. It is similar to the company’s Talent Pod but adds Talkback and Remote Mic Control.

The duplex Talkback (intercom) function allows communication with a producer or engineer. Pressing the Talkback button mutes mic audio from air and sends it to an isolated Talkback (off-air) output. Check it out: The Remote Mic Control allows an engineer to turn the talent’s mic on or off remotely, in case the talent forgets to do it.

Sports Pod gives an announcer control of headphone audio, and lets the announcer create a custom mix of Local and Return (IFB) audio. Several can be used so that each announcer can control his or her mic and headphone audio mix. The units link via Cat-5 cables.