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CTP Systems Releases Remote-Controlled Dante Mixer

DMix30 offers six individual Dante-enabled mixers in one rack unit

The CTP Systems DMix30 is a Dante-enabled mixer which includes six discreet five-channel mixers. All audio inputs and outputs are assignable via the Dante network and have adjustable gain from off to +12 dB. Additional gain of +20 dB may be switched to each input allowing a maximum of +44 dB gain. All mixers include a switchable limiter with threshold adjustment.

All six mixer channels have TFT bargraph metering which may be selected to either dBFS or PPM metering scales with appropriate ballistics.

The six mixer outputs are available over the Dante network but also as balanced analog XLR outputs on the rear of the unit.

The secondary Dante network connector can be selected to operate either in redundant mode or as a switch output to daisy-chain to more Dante equipped devices. A special feature of this unit is that any or all of the mixers may be remote-controlled. The unit can accept up to six separate remotes each of which is assignable to any combination of the mixers. Perfect for controlling remote sources such as radio talkback feeds.

The data from the remotes is encoded in a modified timecode signal so it may be carried over any standard audio transport, including audio fiber channels. The remotes are available separately so may be added if and when required.

The unit operates on 110–240VAC 50/60Hz with auto switching.