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DAWNco Helps With the Dishes

New LNBs are also to be featured

DAWNco, a Michigan-based satellite products manufacturer, plans to show several products of interest to broadcasters during the NAB Show.

The latest from the company are new LNBs (low noise blocks) for C and Ku band satellite dishes and digital receivers. The new LNBs promise ±5 kHz stability performance.

DAWNco also has a new 3.7 meter high-gain dish designed for digital reception.

The StarLook D is a portable, battery-operable satellite spectrum analyzer and identifier for analog and digital satellites. The receiver operates from 920 to 2150 MHz and can identify the satellite and channels available. It is computer compatible and has a 4.5-inch black & white monitor for use with NTSC/PAL/SECAM video reception.

DAWNco also has outdoor-rated satellite fiberlink products for linking stations to distant satellite dish sites.

Booth: C6345