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DaySequerra Debuts M4DDC

HD Radio Diversity Delay introduces DSPrecision architecture

On display here at the NAB Show, DaySequerra’s new M4DDC is an HD Radio diversity delay control with the company’s newly developed DSPrecision DSP architecture. It also has TimeLock time-alignment algorithm for maintaining alignment with the HD Radio main program analog and HD1 signal.

DaySequerra President David Day called it a single-box solution designed to solve “one of the most nagging problems facing HD Radio station engineers,” namely drift of time alignment between the MPS analog stream and HD1 audio.

“After initial alignment, Ethernet timing, changes in audio processing and synchronization issues can cause continual drift or sudden shifts in the otherwise perfectly aligned HD Radio broadcast. Our new TimeLock algorithm runs on an advanced Texas Instruments 1.5 GHz ARM processor; it can resolve up to a 14-second program audio diversity differential, and quickly apply the correction needed to maintain time alignment with accuracy to one audio sample.”

Joe D’Angelo, SVP of broadcast programs and services for HD Radio developer iBiquity, was quoted in the announcement: “Proper diversity delay synchronization and level alignment between the HD Radio main channel analog and digital audio programs are critical to the listener’s experience and ultimately the successful implementation of any HD Radio installation.”

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