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DEVA DB7007 Receives, Measures FM Signals

On detection of audio loss the unit notifies maintenance staff and automatically switches to backup RF frequency

The DB7007 is a second-generation digitally tuned FM rebroadcast receiver from DEVA Broadcast. DEVA says it has equipped it with two selective DSP-based FM tuners to solve critical rebroadcast scenarios.

The DB7007 measures important parameters of the FM transmission with tools such as a basic spec

trum analyzer, RF, pilot, L–R, MPX and RDS data.

On detection of audio loss at the inputs, DB7007 will notify the maintenance staff and automatically switch to the second backup RF frequency. In case a failure of the second station is detected, DB7007 will shift to the onboard IP stream player or MP3/AAC backup audio player. The backup audio sources priority is user-defined.

The IF bandwidth filters of the device have high signal selectivity, while difficult adjacent-channel problems are eliminated, the company says. RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal is decoded and visualized as RDS/RBDS data and statistics.