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DHD Powers 52/XD DSP Core

New audio processing engine adds flexibility

DHD has introduced the 52/XD Core processing engine for audio routing and mixing needs.

The new low-power consuming engine, which is made to fit into the modular Series 52 system features up to four DSP modules. A 52/XD Core can be used with all 52/DX, 52/SX, 52/RX and 52/MX control modules.

When used in a mixer setup, it gives the user a console with up to 64 faders, and as a central audio routing system, it handles a matrix with 8,704 x 7,424 crosspoints. In the router setup it can also switch audio signals, fade them, and apply DSP processing.

Through the Toolbox5 software on the PC, the user can configure the 52/XD. DHD also offers software to allow the operator to manage the system remotely, as to handle routing, scheduling and monitoring. For direct control, it is possible to connect the 52/XD Core with DHD control modules, via standard Cat5/6 cables, including faders, router control panels and touchscreen displays. Other systems can use the open DHD External Control Protocol on TCP/IP to integrate with the 52/XD.