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DM Engineering Merges Products

Silence Sense Jr. and Studio Solid State Relay combines

DM Engineering says it has combined “two of our popular products, the Silence Sense Jr. and the Studio Solid State Relay Pack into one versatile unit.”

The Silence Sense – A.C. has “both relay contact output to activate a notification device such as a remote control or indicator, and a 120VAC switched output so that auxiliary equipment may be activated when there is a failure in the audio chain.”

Input and silence threshholds can be set. Once tripped a set of relay contacts are activated. According to the company, these contacts may be a momentary pulse, (1 second) or constant (remain activated until the audio is re-established), depending on the front-panel switch selection.

In addition, silence will activate a 120 VAC outlet on the rear panel to provide power to needed equipment such as emergency playback equipment. An onboard battery backup keeps the silence detector and relay powered in power failures.

An internal jumper may be moved to change the relay output from normally open to normally closed contacts.