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DN-C640 Suits Networked Playback Control Center

Denon Professional will exhibit the DN-C640 slot-in network CD player.

(click thumbnail)Denon Professional will exhibit the DN-C640 slot-in network CD player.

Housed in a 1 RU enclosure, it enables audio data-file playback from CD and DVD discs and access to network playback capabilities. The company says it suits a networked audio playback control center.

The DN-C640 is compatible with most standard audio data file formats including CDA, WAV, MP3, MPG and WMA, allowing for up to 20 hours of MP3 or similar audio playback from a single CD, CD-R or CD-RW.

The DN-C640 reads these files directly from a data DVD, increasing continuous single disc playback to nearly six days of uninterrupted audio, according to the company. For those requiring the fidelity of uncompressed WAV audio files, this allows a new, convenient disc playback unrestrained by the normal 80-minute CD-R time limit.

The DN-C640 also incorporates network integration for streaming audio playback from personal computers or servers, allowing access to files from the unit’s front panel/remote or an internal Web browser-based GUI with transport controls and customizable program playlists, accessible from Web-enabled computers on the network.

The ability to stream the above file formats from a network source lets a broadcast station store files such as PSAs or local ads on a PC, and have access to them without having to burn optical media.

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