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EAScriber Keeps the Books on EAS

TDM Software has introduced its EAScriber Pro application designed to automate required EAS logging of up to eight stations.

TDM Software has introduced its EAScriber Pro application designed to automate required EAS logging of up to eight stations. Using a standard serial COM port for each station logged, a single computer equipped with additional serial port cards can satisfy basic FCC required EAS record keeping of a large co-located facility.
Product CapsuleThumbs up:

Automatic EAS logging for up to eight stations

Ascertains basic FCC EAS logging compliance

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Essential logging only, details not logged

Requires licensing renewals

Price: $392 for a license for 1 to 4 stations.

For information contact TDM Data Solutions in Colorado at (303) 995-9221 or visit
Now functional with Sage ENDEC and TFT 911 EAS equipment, EAScriber Pro is installed easily onto a Windows computer. This review was performed on a Windows2000 Advanced Server with complete reliability.

Configuration is straightforward and intuitive. Any number of stations, from one to eight, are configured corresponding the station’s CALL to a particular COM port.

Logging takes two forms. An event log records activities of the software and the connected Sage devices. It is saved automatically, and may be printed. The event log is useful for recording such events as Sage system startups, database postings, and report printing. EAS-specific reporting is available on-screen as well as being saved to a database file viewable in and printable from Microsoft Access. This information may be accessed per station or for all stations.

Client/server ahead

Rather than record all details of EAS events, this software logs and prints only information required by the FCC such as date, time, alert sending party, alert receiving station and the type of alert. Reporting may be viewed per station or all at once. More complete logging should be done with conventional printouts from the Sage.

The version reviewed was V.1.1.9. An earlier version failed to identify the sending station. This was promptly corrected when the discrepancy was reported.

TDM Software is due to release shortly V.2.0 featuring client/server architecture eliminating the need for RS-232 serial cabling connecting all EAS units to a central computer. Remote monitoring will thus be possible via LAN connections. V.2.0 will also include FIPS code reporting.

This is simple, stable software, which reliably performs essential EAS logging functions simultaneously for numerous stations. Considering the current FCC emphasis on EAS compliance, EASubscriber Pro is excellent insurance against FCC forfeitures. Pricing is moderate at $392 for a 1-4 station license, with additional station licenses available for $98. There is a 40 percent per year annual licensing fee providing upgrades and off-site support.