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Encrypting Drive Enclosure Available

Have a secret? Portable drive enclosure wants to help you keep it

StarTech, a tech equipment manufacturer specializing in “hard-to-find connectivity parts,” has a new toy out, a portable, USB 3.0-based encrypting drive enclosure. It would be suitable for transporting files or keeping safe important files on the road.

With the memorable name S2510BU3PW, the enclosure handles any 2.5-inch SATA or SSD drive, up to 9.5 millimeters in height. An onboard 32-bit ARM processor uses a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to encode (and decode) files.

One side of the unit is a touch keypad for entering in passwords and displaying information. The unit connects via USB 3.0. It is compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 & 2008/Vista/7, Mac OS X and Linux.

Carey Cline, senior product manager for the Hard Drive Accessories product line, said the drive enclosure makes it easy to protect confidential data. “Through touchpad security it simplifies password encryption, which is a major convenience not only from a security standpoint, but also for peace of mind.”

Price: $116.99.