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Fearn Releases VT-24 Tube Preamp

Just like the VT-2 but more of it

Sometimes it’s nice to dream.

D.W. Fearn has just released the VT-24, a four-channel version of its VT-1/VT-2 tube mic preamps.

Basically, the insides are the same as the VT-1 and 2, including Jenson transformers on inputs and outputs.

Of course it has 48 V phantom power, phase reverse and a 20 dB pad. There’s also a special input for low-impedance microphones. It will handle everything from high-end condensers to dynamics to ribbons.

Each channel is independent and has its own controls along with a VU meter.

Doug Fearn says, “I did not want to compromise on the sound nor on the features of the VT-2 … Specs are the same as a VT-2, and, most importantly, the sound is exactly the same.”

With eight tubes, in the winter it could double as a heater. A really good-sounding heater, though Doug insists it won’t get that hot. Imagine how good the VT-24 would look in your rack.

Price: $8,300