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Furman Fixes Power Problems

Classic Series is new line of power conditioning.

Furman calls its new line of power conditioners the Classic series.

They offer a number of features such as Linear Filtering Technology (scrubbing messy current), Series Multi-Stage Protection (surge protection) and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (overvoltage protection).

Each unit also features front-panel LED rack lights and a BNC connector on the rear for another light. All units also have nine outlets with wall-wart spacing.

Individual models differ in features offered. Three models are 15-amp rated and two are 20-amp rated. The PL-8C (15 A) is the basic model. The PL-PLUS C (15 A) and PL-PRO C (20 A) have a tricolor LED incoming voltmeter. The PL-PLUS DMC (15 A) and the PL-PRO DMC (20 A) both have digital incoming voltmeter/ammeters. Both PRO units also feature front panel USB charging ports.

The company’s Dave Keller said the Classic Series is suitable for broadcast, instrument rigs, studio recording, professional audio and similar applications.