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Glensound Takes Up HD Voice

NAB Sneak Peek: Improved phone technology in Recce HD

Glensound Recce HD Glensound is taking advantage the latest improvement in phone call processing to promote its Recce HD broadcasters’ mobile phone.

The Recce HD (shown, top) uses the 7 kHz HD Voice spec to provide greatly improved voice quality. The Recce HD is a mixer combined into a small, portable, battery powered unit. Three announcers can connect making the Recce HD all that is needed for portable sport and news reporting remote unit for TV and radio. Glensound notes that T-Mobile is supporting HD Voice in its 3G network in the U.S.

Also new from Glensound is the GSnake 400M (shown, bottom), a 16-channel modular analog/digital audio snake. GSnake channels are paired and can be any combination of sends or returns, in both analog and AES. Configuration is by moving the modular cards around; no PC is required. The audio link is 48 kHz/24-bit digital, and can be via coax (1,640 feet or 500 meters) or Ethernet on Cat-5 (328 feet or 100 meters) or fiber.

Glensound GSnake 400M Glensound says the Solo is a simple announcer’s interface providing a switched microphone input with compressor/limiter and a headphone output from a single external input. It is easy to operate, giving the user independent control of the headphone level and the outgoing microphone on/off or on/cough.

The TopHAT M3 is a portable headphone mixer with multiple headphone outputs. Used for talent and camera monitoring in OB/remote environments, it has four inputs that feed two separate mixers. Each of the two mixers has three separate 6.35 mm headphone outputs. Includes a switched talkback mic input. It can be powered by battery or external DC.

NAB Show Booth: C1454