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Harris Launches New Link

IP Link 100 is first of a new family

According to Harris the Intraplex IP Link 100 is the first in a new range of “low-cost, high-performance audio codecs.”

Harris says that the IP Link 100 features “Dynamic Stream Splicing, a redundant delivery platform that merges two audio streams over the same or separate networks — ensuring seamless, intact delivery of program audio.”

It also has multicoding, which Harris describes as simultaneous delivery of audio in two different formats: uncompressed audio for best quality, and compressed audio formats for lower-bandwidth backup links.

There’s also an automatic switchover function via USB or other local audio source.

Harris Morris, the president of Harris Broadcast Communications, stated, “The reliability of sending program audio over IP networks continues to increase, giving broadcasters reasons to migrate beyond lower prices.”

Harris expects the IP Link 100 to ship in September.

NAB Show Booth: N2502