Headphones for the iPhone

Fostex debuts portable headphone amp
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Tired of trying to hear your iPhone via its little speaker or an iPod via earbuds? How about using real-live headphones?

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Fostex’s HP-P1 headphone amplifier might warrant a look. The HP-P1 sends a digital iPhone/iPod feed via a supplied USB cable interface to a converter box to which headphones can be connected via 1/8-inch mini plug. The digital feed will provide the highest quality audio.

The aluminum alloy converter box provides audio outputs via the aforementioned 1/8-inch plug, a 1/8-inch line output and a digital S/PDIF optical output as well. A 1/8-inch analog input is also available (e.g. connecting MP3 players).

An output gain control is on the front while a three-step output attenuator is on the back to take care of the wide range of impedance options in headphones. The HP-P1 is battery- and USB-powered. Included goodies are USB power cable and carrying case.

Retail price of the HP-P1 is $799.