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Henry Engineering Fires Up SportsCaster

Audio crew communications control center is rackmountable

Henry Engineering has developed what looks to be a handy rackmountable program audio communications control unit, the SportsCaster

According to Henry Engineering, the SportsCaster can manage announcers’ mics, control and distribute headphone audio for talent, producer and camera operators and also provide an intercom for back channel communication between crew. 

SportsCaster has controls for three announcers, a field reporter, two auxiliaries (e.g. a crowd mic, PA announcer, etc.), dedicated headphone outputs for the announcers, a field reporter, camera operators and producer and main program output. SportsCaster is optimized to work with Henry’s Sports Pod announcer interface. In addition there are talkback and cue systems for the aforementioned crew. 

The company says, “SportsCaster is a compact 1 RU unit, and can be installed in a few minutes using standard cabling. It eliminates the need for multiple mixers, headphone amps, distribution systems, and complicated wiring.” 

It is available now for $1,295.