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IBC Sneak Peek: Ampegon Enhances SW Transmitter Line

Features UCS, integrated DRM modulator, RC exciter, audio signal inputs

Ampegon is introducing the TSW product line of shortwave transmitters. The range, which includes the 100 kW TSW 2100, the 300 kW TSW 2300 and the 500 kW TSW 2500, promises “major technical advances” in its transmitter control system, the motor drive tuning system and the measurement acquisition system, the firm says.

The TSW line is fitted with a unified control system (UCS) with embedded PC and FPGA technology for network-based communication, which includes remote control from anywhere in a LAN environment. It also features an integrated DRM modulator, RF exciter, analog and digital audio signal inputs as well as digital processing (filtering, leveling, modulation schemes).

DC motor technology permits faster and more accurate positioning of the transmitter tuning circuits, says Ampegon, leading to fully automated frequency changes. Electronic sensors for the measurement and auxiliary gear supervision are integrated in the control system and are accessible on screen.

IBC Stand: 8.D35