IBC Sneak Peek: Jampro and AlanDick Show Antenna Range

Put FM, TV antennas, combiners and components on focus
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Jampro Antennas, Inc. and AlanDick Broadcast are bringing a full range of FM and TV Antennas, combiners, and rigid transmission line and components to Amsterdam.

Products on show will include the JAVA broadband log periodic FM Antenna for high gain directional applications and low VSWR across the FM band. The companies will also place focus on the J3YF 3 Element FM medium and high power directional Yagi antenna with vertical or horizontal polarization as well as the low-power, compact RCCC constant impedance combiners.

In addition the firms will highlight the JFWD FM folded dipole antenna for low power and vertical polarization and the FM sidemount and panel antennas, available in low to high power and custom patterns.

IBC Sstand: 8.B96

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Info: www.jampro.com; www.alandickbroadcast.com