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Inovonics Shows Broadcast Monitor

Pint-size receiver handles FM and HD Radio

Inovonics, maker of processors, RDS encoders and signal monitoring equipment, has announced the planned release of the 632 FM and HD Radio Broadcast Receiver, a utility receiver.

The 632 is part of the INOmini line of sub-rack-width boxes. As advertised, it receives standard FM along with HD Radio, HD1 through HD8 (and if your station has that many multicast channels, let us at Radio World know!)

The system will also display additional information such as RDS codes and texts, HD Radio PAD and RT+ tagging data. Alarms, with rear-panel tallies, include carrier loss, digital program loss and audio loss. Outputs consist of analog and digital (AES).

Headphones can be plugged into the front. Operation and navigation are achieved via a front-panel LCD screen and jog wheel.