Inovonics Talks RDS With Sage

Getting CAP messages into the RDS Pipeline in one hop
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The Sage Alerting Systems Endec is a well-known piece of emergency preparedness hardware at radio stations. Sitting alone it goes about its daily business.

But now it has a friend.

Inovonics and Sage have announced that the Inovonics 730 RDS Encoder can work with Digital Endecs. When a Common Alerting Protocol message comes in, it is automatically forwarded to RDS receivers in the station’s network.

“Conveniently, these messages can override whatever automation is sending for a defined period of time, and ensure greater penetration and awareness” in emergencies.

“If you’ve got a Sage Endec or thinking about getting one, now you can make your audience experience much more useful by scrolling EAS messages across RDS-enabled radios and mobile devices, in addition to the standard audio alerts,” Inovonics stated.

This capability is a downloadable firmware update for current 730 owners. Stock 730s will ship with the feature.