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Insertel Canarias Trusts AEQ

Island contractor finds the company’s Phoenix codec family meets demands

Henry Reyes and Carlos Medina in Insertel’s Master Control Room SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, Canary Islands — Insertel is a telecommunications company located and operating in Spain’s Canary Islands archipelago. The company provides broadcast telecommunication services for radio and TV stations, including the hosting of communications and IT systems for third-party transmission centers.

Both Project Engineer Carlos Medina and I have relied heavily on AEQ technology as part of our services for radio broadcasters. These services consist in transporting their program and contribution audio over IP networks, especially over the Internet.

The equipment that we have selected for our project needs consists mostly of AEQ’s Phoenix family of audio codecs, specifically the Phoenix Studio and Phoenix Mercury. The units are installed depending on the type of connection that the customer needs and also the type of link available. We provide services both for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint.

For our point-to-point connections or STLs, most originate in a studio and end in a transmitter center. The point-to-multi-point are normally run from one studio to several transmitter centers (other destinations are, of course, possible) by way of the multi-unicast system that is available by default with AEQ’s IP audio codecs.

Due to the large number of codecs that are connected to our network and the wide geographical dispersal of them throughout the Canary Islands, the centralized management of the codecs is paramount. AEQ’s ControlPhoenix provides us with the necessary tools to manage our network of codecs.

With the ControlPhoenix we can supervise the status of all the audio codecs. Alarms and events and even input and output audio levels can be verified for each piece of equipment thanks to the real-time on-screen precision VU meters. Any connection can be established or modified quickly and intuitively.

Due to the nature of our network and our customers’ requirements, our Insertel network normally uses RTP communications for our point-to-point connections. However, the AEQ Phoenix audio codecs allow us to use any other common protocols to establish the connections such as SIP, either with or without an associate proxy server.

For connections requiring SIP server, note that AEQ provides the use of their dedicated SIP server free of charge. This service is included with each of the audio codecs that AEQ delivers and allows us to connect two codecs without the need for fixed IP addresses.

Also, the AEQ audio codecs allow us to configure and modify the buffer to enable the correction of communication errors.

At Insertel we decided to trust the technology from AEQ, mainly because it is a manufacturer of prestige and has devoted resources to IP technology research to make better and reliable equipment. We are as of whole very satisfied with the result that the AEQ solution has provided for our installation.

For information, contact Peter Howarth at AEQ in Florida at (800) 728-0536 or visit