JK Audio Has the Blues

More Bluetooth wireless interface adapters
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Joe Klinger and the crew at JK Audio, active in the pro audio/Bluetooth world, now offer BlueDrivers, a pair of Bluetooth interfaces that utilize XLR connectors.

The BlueDriver-F3 is designed to plug onto a dynamic microphone or into a mic level output of a mixer and interface with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or headset — thus acting like a Bluetooth-based wireless transmitter. A 1/8-inch output can be routed to a recorder.

The BlueDriver-M3 plugs into the mic input of a mixer and will receive a Bluetooth signal from a cell phone or headset. A 1/8-inch input on the BlueDriver-M3 will accept an input from a mixer headphone output and duplex transmit it to the cell phone or headset.

Both feature a mini USB jack for power or can use a Li-ion battery.