LBA Shows AM Tower Isolator, RF Power Contactor

LBA Technology announced the CAMI series of broadband medium-power isolators for AM towers.
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LBA Technology announced the CAMI series of broadband medium-power isolators for AM towers.

It said these “new concept” isolation systems permit other antennas to be mounted on “hot” AM towers; they are intended to isolate single auxiliary broadcast coaxial cables for STLs, FM translators, low-power FM and television translators.

“Unlike commonly used isocouplers, one CAMI fits all of these applications,” the company stated. “They also have the advantage of passing AC or DC current to tower top amplifiers, and are more resistant to weather and lightning.”

With pending FCC approval of translators for AM daytimers, the company said, “CAMI will provide a simple, cost-effective way to mount the translator antenna on existing AM towers without major changes to the transmitting system.”

LBA also will exhibit its first new generation of RF power contactors in years; the contactors are intended for broadcast, communications and industrial radio frequency users of heavy duty RF relays.

“The VC-1 high reliability vacuum contactor system is designed for versatility. One series permits a wide range of operating voltages, and can be configured at any time for 1PDT through 4PDT operation. It goes well beyond the capabilities of most currently available mechanical RF contactors, but is a direct replacement in many broadcast applications up to 50,000 watts,” LBA stated.

President Jerry Brown said the remote sealed contact modules will permit the design of more functional and cost-effective directional antenna phasors and other equipment with reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

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LBA Technology — John George

The CAMI provides an economical way of placing an FM translator antenna as well as STL and RPU antennas on a “hot” AM tower without requiring major changes in the antenna system.