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LDR Explores ‘Crowdcasting’

New software ‘lets the listener become the music director’

Listener Driven Radio is the brainchild of radio consultants Mike McVay and Daniel Anstandig, both of broadcast consultancy McVay Media, and financier Lee Zapis of Zapis Capital.

The idea is for a station’s listeners to constantly submit requests/playlists to a station’s central LDR application. The LDR controller measures the requests and generates a playlist for use by station management.

Listeners use software widget applets attached to their computers or appearing on social networking pages such as Facebook to supply their choices to a station’s LDR program.

Zapis said the idea is to allow the listener “to truly take control of their radio.”

“So many of us in broadcasting have been concerned about the competition we face from the Internet, satellite and social networking. LDR diminishes those concerns and takes what is best about the Internet and puts it to use for your radio station.”

Anstandig added: “This is a new way of programming radio and growing your brand-community.”

Besides receiving input from listeners, LDR can send out data to its own social pages, mobile media subscribers or tweet information. LDR is designed to work with station automation systems.