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Microphone of the Future?

Laser technology used for transparent transduction

Debuting at the AES Convention in New York is a microphone technology called “Laser-Accurate.”

Schwartz Engineering & Design says its technology is based on using a laser in a membrane-free microphone to generate a signal. Theoretically, the resulting signal should be practically transparent or uncolored by traditional membrane materials or capsule electronics.

Taking the place of the traditional membrane is a layer of air. Particles within the layer are read by a laser/photocell circuit as they move in resistance to sound.

Developer David Schwartz was the founder of CompuSonics, an early developer of digital audio recorders and workstations in the 1980s. He also has researched and developed audio compression technologies.

SED will not manufacture products but license the technology. Schwartz explained: “Enhanced new business sectors can emerge around the fact that you can now access absolutely pure sound uncolored by the transduction process.”