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Mobile Iso Booth From RealTraps

Just the quiet ticket for noisy remotes

How often has a talent in the field thought, “Let me find a quiet place to do this…” or has background noise marred a remote broadcast? Does your station stay away from remotes because on-site noise is unpredictable and uncontrollable?

Acoustic treatment specialists RealTraps has a prospective solution: the RealTraps Carrel.

It consists of three hinged sound-absorbing panels, each measuring two by two feet. Placed on a tabletop, the Carrel forms three sides of a square, while the talent occupies the forth.

The folding metal frame has felt on the bottom to prevent scratches. Available colors for the panels are black, white, wheat and gray.

The RealTraps Carrel will also work for cramped home studios to create a small, temporary, isolated area for broadcast work.

Price: $379.99.