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NAB Show Sneak Peek: Astute Antennas From Aldena

RF solutions, software for various requirements

At the 2014 NAB Show, Aldena will highlight its ALP series of high-gain FM log-periodic directional antennas, which the firm says features notable electrical performance and front-to-back ratio. Moreover, it explains, the antenna’s customizable directional azimuth pattern can be configured to meet FCC requirements.

Other products on hand at the NAB Show include Aldena DAB antennas and RF accessories (coaxial power splitters, monitor probes). The AQP0404 four-dipole antenna panel, shown, for mixed/linear polarization is suitable for installation on square or round masts, while the ALP0704 log-periodic high-gain, low-wind load antenna is particularly appropriate for horizontal or vertical linear polarization and can be used in stacked array or complex pattern configurations.

The company, which recently opened a new certified test plant, will also exhibit the EmLab antenna design and coverage software for the management of complex antenna arrays. Used to plan analog or digital SFN/MFN networks, the software provides area coverage calculation, interference analysis, SFN problem detection and EM field safety control information.

NAB Booth: C548