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NAB Sneak Peek: Audemat Shows Mobility

New mobile FM signal measurement platform available

WorldCast Systems will bring to the NAB Show the newest member of the Audemat MC family of mobile FM signal measurement devices, the FM MC5 (shown).

The company says that the FM MC5 offers RF coverage measurement for both on-site and off-site monitoring as well as accurate modulation analysis. It features RF scanning, mobile RF analysis, RDS decoding, MPX analysis, signal generation and tools such as frequency meter, distortion meter, spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. It can also generate RF, MPX and audio signals.

The FM MC5 is a self-contained unit that can be operated from a vehicle. Built-in GPS allows for detailed reports, including maps.

WorldCast says that the FM MC5, especially if used with a vehicle, “can reveal black spots or weaknesses in the station coverage which were not forecast. It is also highly useful from a marketing standpoint as it can be used to provide an independent analysis of your station’s strength throughout the geographical target area to impress existing or potential advertisers or financial backers.”

WorldCast has also made a few additions to its Audemat FM Receiver Silver rebroadcast receiver.

According to a release there are three new reception filters for “challenging” reception conditions: Dynamic Selectivity (DynSe), described as an “IF filter auto switch to eliminate adjacent channels (mostly affects MPX output);” Noise Reduction (Nless), described as “Smooth auto reduction of the audio bandwidth, stereo separation, and noise level for cases of weak RF level (on audio outputs only);” Auto Mono selection (AutoM), described as “Auto reception mode for mono signal with difficult reception.”

In addition there is a new operating mode called Auto Stereo Selection (AutoS). It is described as “Auto reception mode for stereo signal with difficult reception.”

WorldCast also says that it has added a hardware filter to the FM Receiver Silver for improving transmission on the MPX output.

NAB Booth: C1633

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