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NAB Sneak Peek: DAWNco Has the Satellite System Parts

New and upgraded cable, LNBs, filters, receivers, signal measurement tools available

Satellite communications equipment maker DAWNco has new products and upgrades of products for the NAB Show.

DAWNflex cable improves signal quality on satellite downlink, by reducing loss on the signal cable run from dish to building. The flexible coax passes signals up to 3 GHz, including satellite L Band. The cable is flooded for direct burial, quad-shielded for best protection from signal ingress, flexible 2.5-inch bending radius, with .61 inch overall diameter. DAWNflex can cut signal path loss in half, the company says.

The BESTbuddy-TurboS2 (shown) is a satellite identifier and signal level meter which will help get the best performance out of a satellite system. This tool makes identifying and peaking satellite antennas fast and easy. It can be used for adjusting ground-mounted dishes or for rapid acquisition in a satellite truck. This tool can identify satellites by name, measure C/N performance, and show signal level info.

The company says it offers top-of-the-line C and Ku Band LNBs, recommended by major networks for use with HD satellite receivers. A ±5 kHz stability rating results in interference-free reception, even when temperatures at the dish site range from very cold to extremely hot.

Satellite terrestrial interference (TI) filters are used to block interference from local radar and prevent degradation of satellite reception. When the satellite antennas are located near airports, harbors or military bases radar can cause signal outages. The TI filters are mounted in front of the dish, between the LNB and feed horn.

The D5500 satellite receiver decoder handles MPEG-2/MPEG-4/DVBS/DVBS2/SD/HD-420. The D5500 features the satellite receive capabilities needed by most TV stations, with many output options. The receiver can be used for professional receive, decode, decrypt, descramble and mux capabilities, for all broadcast applications, HD or SD, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, including IP, satellite and cable head-end facilities.

NAB Booth: SU3002