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NAB Sneak Peek: GatesAir Expands Intraplex Family

Company says that Intraplex IP Link MPXp uses less bandwidth

GatesAir will be bringing the newest member of the Intraplex codec line to the NAB Show, the Intraplex IP Link MPXp.

The MPXp is an IP codec designed to minimize bandwidth usage for delivering STL signals. By using AES192 technology and bandwidth reduction schemes, the unit can transport signals as low as 1.8 Mbps, which the company describes as “more than 50% reduction in bandwidth utilization compared to most codecs on the market.”

Besides a digital composite signal it also handles analog signals as well. GatesAir says, “Its flexible dual-domain capability allows the broadcaster to install a newer audio processor supporting AES192 and have it interoperate with exciters supporting only analog composite signal interface today. This not only provides a transitional path for a digital exciter upgrade, but also enhances signal quality by keeping it in the digital domain across the IP path.”

Naturally, the Intraplex IP Link MPXp shares technology and features from earlier Intraplex IP Links such as dynamic stream splicing technology, along with “multiple input and output ports for signal redundancy, decoding of audio and RDS content from either the input or output signal, and the option to incorporate external SCA subcarrier signals into the output signal. Its integrated RDS decoder further reduces equipment costs for the broadcaster who was previously forced to install expensive outboard boxes to support RDS.”

GatesAir Chief Product Officer Rich Redmond said, “The broadcaster achieves lower-cost links, improved audio quality and enhanced security out of the gate, with the opportunity to simplify processing and distribution architectures and lay a foundation for new services. For those broadcasters expecting to transition to digital exciters in their next upgrade cycles, the MPXp’s inherent hybrid capability preserves their investment for years to come.”

NAB Show Booth: N2613