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NAB Sneak Peek: Klotz Unveils Touchstone Controller

Configurable touchscreen system provides control of processing, mixer data

Returning to the NAB Show, Thomas Klotz has a new company, Klotz Communications. And that new effort is introducing the Touchstone controller at the NAB Show.

Featuring “Touch ’n Tactile” technology, the system provides operators with advanced ergonomic control and instant access to signal processing and all important mixer data, says the firm. With a touch-sensitive LCD monitor and integrated tactile actuators, the Touchstone controller allows for the control of audio processing, software and hardware utilities such as radio mixers, DAWs or audio/video routers as well as program associated data (e.g. videos, pictures and text).

Fitted with USB, Ethernet and RS-232 interfaces, the Touchstone controller also includes widgets for the management of faders, pushbuttons and rotary knobs that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. In addition, users can modify widgets with individual graphics and configure the system to control any device connected to the control network, including routers, DSP engines and other third-party equipment.

In combination with Klotz Communications’ router control software, the Touchstone controller can be configured to control complex routers and console networks, adds the company. The unit, which is available in multiple layouts and custom-built configurations, can also be connected to legacy Klotz Digital VADIS equipment.

NAB Show Booth: C8734