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NAB Sneak Peek: Moseley Looks to the Starlink

New Starlink Composite is an STL

Running a digital composite feed straight to a transmitter is a goal for many stations and Moseley Broadcast is bringing to the NAB Show what it thinks might be a solution.

The company says that its latest Starlink, the Starlink Composite digital composite STL, provides transparent transport from the audio processor and stereo generator located at the studio to the FM exciter at the transmitter site. The composite signal is transmitted digitally over the link providing error-free performance, it says.

Features include selectable 32 or 64 QAM. The onboard SL9003C locates the RDS generator at the studio for seamless integration of the RDS data stream into the composite transmission. Moseley says that the Starlink Composite should have 20 dB system gain over analog composite STLs.

Error correction is Reed-Solomon T=8. Optional interfaces include voice, low-speed async data or high-speed async data.

The Starlink Composite covers all worldwide STL frequency bands. It is compatible with Moseley’s SL9003Q units.

NAB Booth: C2213