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New Tube USB Preamp From Behringer

Get that tube warmth from a convenient USB device

Want to get some of that some of that famous tube “warmth” without having to go to the trouble of having to record in a recording studio that has a rackmounted tube preamp? Try Behringer’s new MIC500USB, a tube-based preamp with a USB interface.

The tabletop-style MIC500USB uses the venerable 12AX7 tube in its signal path to caress signals. XLR and 1/4-inch inputs provide multiple pathways in for microphones and line sources. Features include 48 V phantom power, a 20 dB pad, a phase reverse, limiter and a low-pass filter.

There’s also onboard digital EQ customized for specific instruments and vocals. Gain and output controls drive the MIC500USB. Behringer offers several free software instruments and plug-in downloads, including at press time, the Tracktion DAW program. Price: $59.99.