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NTi Audio Releases LabView Driver

Suitable for large production and lab systems

NTi Audio has released a LabView driver for its Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer; the company says this allows a user to integrate Audio Analysis blocks into the National Instruments (NI) Measurement Suite graphically.

The Flexus FX100 is a pro audio analyzer used for testing of audio and acoustic devices. NTi highlights its DSP power and sophisticated calculation algorithms.

“The LabView driver provides the full set of functions, routine calls and procedures for the FX100 Audio Analyzer, intuitively integrating even complex audio measurement setups by simply dragging virtual instruments into the LabView application,” the manufacturer states.

“For example, a special reference project is available which allows control of a turntable, and may thus be used to obtain polar response plots of acoustical devices.” CEO Philipp Schwizer said the new capability would be of particular note to large production and lab systems.

The LabView driver can be downloaded by Flexus users.